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What is Meditation?

Meditation is the state that emerges when the flow of concentration is uninterrupted. One’s body, breath, senses, mind, reason and ego are all integrated in the object of concentration – the universal spirit. Let go of all the external forces and let yourself be in the moment.


Begin by finding a comfortable position for YOU and a quiet place, and then close your eyes. Focus on your breath to keep your mind relaxed and your body at ease. This balances the nervous system and creates a calm yet alert state that is perfect for meditation.

Take smooth even breaths. Inhale through the nose, filling your stomach and chest area with air.

Exhale through the mouth, releasing the air while letting your stomach and chest go flat.

What to Expect

NOTHING! Whatever happens - happens. There is no such thing as a good meditation or a bad meditation. However, there may be distractions in the beginning. Practice will change that. You may begin meditation and find yourself remembering some argument or aggravation of the day. Don’t get involved, simply notice the feeling and let it go (use breathing techniques). Don’t become involved in thoughts, feelings, or perceptions. Don’t try to chase them away, figure them out or even appreciate them. JUST LET THEM GO!

Sometimes, you may feel discomfort in the body, an urge to shift an aching joint, or the need to scratch. It may just be a strong urge to move. If discomfort continues adjust yourself, then continue your meditation. At other times you may feel irritable or tired and feel this just isn’t a good time. Actually, this may be a very good time. Use the meditation to help you become centered and calm.

How Long

Start by meditating for 10 – 20 minutes. Do not push yourself beyond a comfortable limit. If you feel you have reached your limit – STOP. With practice you will find you can meditate for longer periods of time.


Meditation is a practiced, learned behavior. It becomes easier and more beneficial each time it is done.

Pick a time, morning, afternoon, or evening. Choose a time when you will not be disturbed or disturb others (same time everyday).

Burn a scented candle or incense, and play relaxation music (optional). Practice the breathing techniques as you begin your meditation.


People who meditate on a regular basis:

  • Show a dramatic decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, stress symptoms and stress hormones.
  • Their nervous system moves to a state of balance.
  • All body systems rest and actually repair and rebuild.
Meditation allows us to still our minds and nourish our spirits.

Remember: Meditation is to be an enjoyable experience. So, relax, enjoy and grow well.

Peace and Love

Goddess Tiroomah, (Sacred Woman) RM, CMT, CR, Wholistic Consultant
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