Jennie C. TrotterJennie C. Trotter, M.Ed.


Jennie C. Trotter is a child advocate, licensed professional counselor, educator and certified preventionist.A native of Brooklyn, New York, Jennie moved to Atlanta, Georgia over 40 years ago. She has been married over 43 years to Jim Trotter, has three beautiful adult children and eight grandchildren. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from City College in New York. Jennie earned her Master's Degree from Bank Street College of Education in New York, where she majored in counseling and education.

Jennie is currently the founder and executive director of the Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Inc. (WSCI), a 29-year award winning African-American non-profit community based organization which provides stress education services for children and adults. WSCI was founded as a result of a prayer Jennie had to be of services during the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children and Youth Crisis (1980).

WSCI mission is to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles through a wholistic approach, to increase positive coping skills for stress management and to decrease the incidence of stress related illnesses and negative behaviors. In addition to stress management services, WSCI operates 14 free community prevention programs.

Ms. Trotter has built a strong foundation to support WSCI by implementing over 50 prevention programs and authoring several stress education curriculums, workbooks, training manuals and more. Ms. Trotter has both written and received over fifty (50) federal, state and local grant awards to provide the Atlanta community with free prevention program services for; wellness, afterschool, parenting, teen-pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and violence and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Ms. Trotter has received awards in recognition of her excellent work as a trailblazer in the field of prevention. She is a winner of the 1993 Exemplary Award from SAMHSA/CSAP and the State of Georgia Governor’s Award. Ms. Trotter was selected from over 600 nominees and was nationally recognized for her outstanding work in youth violence prevention with the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award in 1998. She is the recipient of the 2011 Substance Abuse Prevention Pioneer Award. She is a certified Level One Spring Forest Qi-Gong Instructor and winner of the distinguished, “Wisdom Circle Award” for Outstanding Instructors. She serves on the Advisory Council for the National Wellness Institute for over 27 years and is a winner of the Service and Leadership Award. One of her greatest accomplishments is graduating from the Institute of Divine Wisdom where she was decreed a healer and an elder.

Her motto in life is, "Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting".

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Ms. Trotter with Harambee students