Grades 5-12 Stress Test Scale

This exercise will help you measure how much stress you have had during the last year. it will also show you how important other people can be in helping you deal with stress. New medical studies show that people who have close friends and family have less mental and physical illness than people who try to go at it alone. Friend(s) and family can be good medicine!

Circle each stress event that happen to you within the last 12 months. On the items that are starred(*), circle it only if it happened more than twice during the year. Then add the scores for each item you circled and put the total on the line.


(6) Serious injury or illness
(6) Alcohol, drug or emotional problem(s)
(4) Death of a close friend
(2) Trouble with friends or neighbors*


(10) Death of a parent or immediate family member
(8)   Divorce of parents
(6)   Parents separate or get back together
(6)   New stepmother or stepfather
(4)   Serious illness or injury of family member
(4)   Birth or adoption of sister or brother
(4)   New stepbrother or stepsister
(4)   Family Arguments*
(4)   Brother or sister leaves home
(4)   Relative move into household
(4)   Moved to a new house

Stress Total:______

If Your Stress Level score Is:

Less than 10: You have low stress level. You have few stressors with which to deal.

10-15: You have a moderate(or medium) stress level. There has been a lot of change in your life.

16 or more: You have a high stress level and there have been major adjustments in your life. This type of stress is harmful, especially if it last a long time.
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