What is Burnout?


  • a condition that evolves slowly over a period of prolonged stress
  • wearing down and wearing out of energy
  • exhaustion born of excessive demands which may be self-imposed or externally imposed by families, jobs, friends, value systems or society which depletes one's energy, coping mechanism and internal resources.
  • a feelings state which is accompanied by an overload of stress and which eventually impacts one's motivation, attitudes and behaviors.

Occurs in stages:

  1. Intense compulsion to prove (strive for control)
  2. Willingness to deprive self, avoid conflict and needs and sacrifice one's values
  3. Denial, disengagement, observable behavior changes
  4. Depersonalization, emptiness, depression
  5. Total burnout and exhaustion

Often accompanied by:

  • denial - estrangement from own feelings
  • stress, anger, hostility, neglected needs
  • guilt and low self-esteem

People in this society are at risk when they are:

  • nurturing - anticipate the needs of others
  • alone - need someone to fill us up
  • powerless
  • a perfectionist and workaholic
  • struggling with their own power, autonomy and identity

Can be alleviated by:

  • Making correct lifestyle choices including diet, exercise and relaxation methods and reducing harmful habits and addictions
  • Developing and maintaining a social support system.
  • Becoming absorbed in meaningful tasks.
  • Learning to cope with stress

Developed by: Jennie C. Trotter - Wholistic Stress Control Institute

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