WSCI offers a variety of training programs for youth and adults. Some of the training topics include:

Other training topics include:

  • Wholistic Stress Management
  • Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Belief Systems/Thought and Stress
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Tai-Chi and Chi-Qong
  • Stress Control Curricula (Pre-K - 12)
  • Teaching and Learning Styles
  • Effective Parenting
  • Developing a Positive Self-Concept
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Violence Prevention
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Rites of Passage
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Children of Alcoholics
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Other Human Relation Issues
  • Qi-Gong(Chee-kung)
  • Prevention Program Replication




Stress, more commonly defined as life that contain pressures and demands, can affect children mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Stress has sometimes been called the spice of life, indicating that there is good stress as well as bad stress. We need stress to function; our ability to respond makes us fully alive.

Children respond to stress in various of ways; one child may turn inward, while another may act out negatively. When there is no positive alternative for coping with daily stress, children may seek negative coping styles such as disruptive behavior, drugs, alcohol, crime, ect., in order to release their stress.

A certain amount of stress is an inevitable part of living, but excessive stress can have damaging consequences. When stress is prolonged and not properly reduced, it turns into harmful stress, better known as distress. Depending on the severity and intensity of the stress, the effect can vary from causing physical illness to emotional instability. When stress turns into distress, it can impede the ability to belong, to learn or contribute, thus negatively affecting children's academic performance, as well as their self-concept.

Primary prevention is defined as lowering the incidence of emotional disorder by reducing stress and by promoting conditions that increase confidence and coping skills(Albee, 1981). Stress is a constant and cannot be eliminated; however, coping skills can be developed to show children and adults how to effectively deal with stress. Stress can be traced to causing some of the leading causes of death in adults and children. Certain techniques can help reduce stress in one's life. Since stress will always be present in our lives, it is imperative to learn appropriate techniques for positively reducing stress.


The purpose of the Stress Control Training Program is to teach school personnel effective coping skills for stress reduction in the classrooms and schools.

Goals of Training

The goal of the training is to provide school personnel with the necessary skills to implement a stress control program in their classrooms and/or schools. The training is available to teachers, counselors, social workers, administrators, and other staff.

The training will cover these areas:

  1. Stress management for adults.
  2. Stress reduction techniques for students.
  3. Stress management curriculum K-12.
  4. Stress free learning techniques.
  5. Stress management resource and referral information.


A variety of methods will be used to present the training effectively, such as lectures,discussions, film, role play, a other various exercises. This will be an interactive workshop; trainers will be encouraged to participate in various activities in order to gain maximum understanding and methods application.

Types and Time of Presentations

The Stress Control Training Program can be presented in various forms - seminars, workshops, classes or inservices. The Stress Control Training Program is presented in a one to five day workshop depending on the topics to be covered. Training can be given during inservice times, weekends, summer, evenings, ect. Arrangements can be made for teachers to recieve services credits for recertification.

Number of Participates

The training program will be conducted for a minimum of twenty(20) participates with one trainer or a maximum of 40 with two trainers.

Training Implementation

Training services are provided by qualified staff members who have previously conducted the training program and have a training certificate from Wholistic Stress Control Institute.

Training Cost

The cost of training services varies depending on a number of factors such as the size of the group, number of trainers, length of training ect. Please contact WSCI for a customize training cost for your group.

Stress Education Training

A mental health and violence prevention program for professionals who work with students (K-12). Training consists of:

  1. Wholistic Stress Management for Adults
  2. Causes of Stress for Children
  3. Reducing Stress and Anger in the Classroom
  4. Stress Education Curriculum, Overview and Demonstration.


Training of Trainers (T.O.T) for Stress Education

T.O.T includes a second day training at the same time and location above.

This focus of this workshop is wholistic – honoring the integration, balance and harmony of the mind, emotions, body and spirit for optimum well-being.The workshop will cover wholistic stress management and prevention and intervention strategies for use with you and adults.  The purpose of the workshop is to help participants: 1) gain a sound background in wholistic approaches for stress management; 2) learn a variety of stress reduction and effective relaxation techniques; 3) increase one’s ability to conduct trainings on stress, anger and conflict management in a variety of settings.

Contact our office for cost and class schedule.

Violence Prevention Training

A comprehensive 2 day workshop on successful violence prevention strategies and model programs for practioners. Training objectives include:

  1. The impact of violence
  2. Wholistic Violence Prevention
  3. Exemplary model violence prevention programs and strategies
  4. Replication ideas and resource sharing.


Stress Management Training for Adults

Workshop covers basic techniques for dealing with stress and wholistic approach for stress management and wellness. This workshop is offered monthly at WSCI. Please call for date and time.

Pre-School Stress Relief Training


Pre-School Stress Relief T.O.T


Pre-School Stress Relief Training (2 days)

Training consists of two componets 1) Stress Management Education which trains teachers to understand the concept of stress, its causes and signs. Participants will learn to manage their own stress by practicing coping skills. and 2)Pre-School Relief Program which equips teachers to instruct pre-school children in developing positive coping skills for stress reduction in their lives. Teachers will learn how to recognize and understand children's stress. Solutions for stress will be presented. Teachers will also participate in curriculum lesson demonstrations.

Training Cost: Contact WSCI

Pre-School Stress Relief Project Training of Trainers (T.O.T)

(A three day training program)
Program prepares people to train classroom teachers in the Pre-School Stress Relief Project(PSSRP) model. The object is to equip trainees with the necessary skills to implement the PSSRP model at their site. T.O.T will enable teachers to instruct pre-schoolers in developing positive coping skills for stress reduction in their lives.

The training manual describes the goals, objectives and procedures of each session activity. In addition, transparencies, handouts and training techniques are provided. Each participant will recieve a Trainer's Manual that contain information on how to design and implement the training. The parent training component will be shared.

Pre-School Stress Relief T.O.T (3 days)

Stress Education Parent Training

This training is provided to help parents understand ways to reduce stress and increase coping skills for dealing with their children's stress. Parents recieve a six hour training on Stress Management Education which includes:

  1. Adult Stress Management
  2. Reducing Stress in Children (ages 3-17) and
  3. Family Stress Management Techniques.

PSSRP Parent Training (6 hours) includes Parent Activity Book

Violence Prevention Parent Training

An eight (8) hour program designed to increase parenting skills and reduce child abuse. Target clients are single parents and teen parents. The workshop topics are:

  1. Stress Management
  2. Anger Management and Risk Factors for child Abuse
  3. Conflict Resolution and Positive Communication
  4. Stress and Children, Stages of Development and Appropriate Discipline Techniques

Training Cost: Contact WSCI

Conflict Resolution (Anger Management) Structuring Self-Management

Description: Conflict Resolution (Anger Management) classes are designed for those challenged by personal and/or professional pressure, self control, parenting skills and problem solving.  This class is in compliance with court referral mandates.

Cost: $60.00 per person

Registration: MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED (please call to register)

Payment: NO CHECKS OR CASH (accept money order, debit/credit cards)

Training Information

WSCI provides training on a variety of topics. Please contact WSCI for training information on other topics not listed here.

On-Site Training: WSCI can travel to your community to provide training.

Payment Policy: Enrollment is limited and training can fill up months in advance. Register early along with payment, so a training slot will be available. Payment must be recieved a minimum of three (3) weeks before training. Call to check on training availability.
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To complete the Wage :

Lodging: Please contact WSCI concerning hotel information.

Make Check Payable to WSCI.
Mail to: WSCI, P.O. Box 42481,
Atlanta, GA 30311
Attn: Registration.

Full refund of fee will be given if cancellation occurs at least 3 weeks in advance of training. Half refund will be given up to one week before training. Within five (5) days credit will be given for future training.

Discounts(10%) available on training fees when three or more people attend from the same organization.

Training in Atlanta will be located at the WSCI office unless otherwise indicated.

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